Inside Week 1 of my James Beard Foundation Work-Study Grant

Packaging trout roe
The Great Wall of Caviar
Hackleback caviar being packed
Osetra caviar for Per Se and French Laundry
The view from Winter Point Oyster Farm’s dock
Winter Point Oyster Farm boat, pulling up oysters
Winter Point Oyster that passes the quality inspection
Part of the processing stage for Winter Point Oysters
Perfectly circular drilled hole in a clam shell!
Winter Point processing facility
Pulling up the cage of sea urchins
Uni from a local sea urchin
Smoked salmon getting ready for the smoker
Loup de Mer
Tuna ready to be butchered
Fresh Dayboat scallops



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Jenny Dorsey

Jenny Dorsey

Professional chef, author, speaker. Founder of @studioatao. Mostly on IG.